Infographic Guide to Sports - Daniel Tatarsky

Infographic Guide to Sports

By Daniel Tatarsky

  • Release Date: 2014-10-13
  • Genre: Sports et plein air


Over 80 stunning, ingenious and absorbing sport infographics!

Infographic Guide to Sport presents unique, witty and surprising facts about every type of sport, from badminton to karate, cricket to ice hockey, football to zorbing. Fascinating stats and all the facts on your favourite sporting legends, it features infamous tales from behind the scenes of the sporting world.

More than just a book of words, with graphs, Venn diagrams and charts, this book provides a unique overview of the all your favourite sports, boasting over 100 original artworks and illustrations and at-a-glance facts to amaze and astound readers.


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Niche European sports from oina to pes├Ąpallo

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