Defending the Feminine Heart: A Masculine Wall for God's Daughters - Jeff Voth

Defending the Feminine Heart: A Masculine Wall for God's Daughters

By Jeff Voth

  • Release Date: 2017-10-10
  • Genre: Christianisme


In, Defending the Feminine Heart, Jeff Voth exposes Satan's tactics to destroy the role of masculinity, in order to capture God's daughters - our wives, daughters, sisters, and mothers. Woman was taken from the side of man where she could be protected, covered, and defended. First breached in the Garden of Eden, the enemy has strategically degraded the masculine wall in his pursuit to harm the feminine soul.

Defending the Feminine Heart is man's clarion call to rebuild the wall of protection and covering in defense of His daughters who are the women of our hearts. We are the army of men who will go to the gates of hell and rescue them from the objectification of culture, the porn industry, and out of control sex-traffickers around the globe. We will rebuild the wall and become the guardians they deserve, and who we were created to be. We are a Wall for His Daughters.

About the Author:
Jeff Voth is the founder of CaveTime, an organization that is dedicated to the development of spiritually healthy men. He has a doctorate in the areas of leadership and spiritual formation and holds master's degrees in apologetics and divinity. He is a professor, pastor, and author/speaker. He is married to Lori and has four grown children, a son-in-law, daughter-in-law, and two grandchildren.
Other Books: CaveTime, The Sling
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